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Spirit of '91! [27 May 2009|09:17am]

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Continuing to make history... [21 Dec 2008|02:48pm]

Not content with being the only English team to win the Intercontinental Cup, Manchester United are now the first English team to win the Club World Cup. Despite shockingly biased refereeing, and some shockingly thuggish tactics from the LDU de Quito defence United won 1-0 in Japan.

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Get into them... [30 Nov 2008|12:58pm]

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Wes Brown's loss [22 Jul 2008|05:24am]

[ mood | sympathetic ]

 Wes Brown has suffered his worst loss of the season and it hasn't even started. Wes just lost his sister during childbirth. Would like to take a few minutes to extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to Wes. Heal your heart and your family. Your teammates and fans will be here when you return.

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Pride of all Europe [22 May 2008|12:06am]


I don't have the words. Sir Matt's dream is realised again.

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[11 May 2008|06:07pm]

We've won it ten times!
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For ever and ever. [06 Feb 2008|12:25am]


The flowers of English football, the flowers of Manchester.
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Who put the ball in the back of the German's net? [28 Aug 2007|08:47am]


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is retiring from football due to the knee injuries which have plagued him for the last four seasons. The best "super-sub" in the history of football and the man who scored the winner in the 1999 Champions' League final, and quite possibly one of the nicest blokes who have ever played football.

If anyone deserves the name Legend, it's Solskjaer.
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Hey guys! [15 Aug 2007|02:56pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I’ve just found this journal and it looks good! This season is my first as a Season Ticket Holder and can’t begin to say how much it means to have a permanent seat in the Stretford End! About me: My name is Stephen I’m 23 from West London. United fan since I was 5 and still going strong. I’ll be getting to all of the home league (and possibly cup) games if my wallet permits it :P Please feel free to friend me!. I’m optimistic about this season but after seeing the Reading performance I’m a little worried that we sold one or two of our strikers too easily (i.e. Smudge & Rossi). I’ll be posting pictures in *My LJ* from each game I go to. “Take me hooomme!!”

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Here we go... [02 Aug 2007|09:50am]

So the new season is almost upon us. United have made three fairly major signings, and have sold a player who I'd have loved to have seen get a chance in the starting line-up, but you can't have everything. At least we got rid of Kieran Richardson.

So the signings first of all:

Owen Hargreaves
Still not 100% convinced that he's United quality, but he is a good holding midfielder, he can fill in at right-back for the half dozen games when both Brown and Neville are injured and he has plenty of Champions' League experience.

Was a bit hit-and-miss when he played during the Copa America, hopefully he'll mature into the perfect replacement for Scholes. While £17 million seems a lot, the initial fee is more like £7 million with a lot of the money back-loaded depending on performances and international appearances. Hopefully he'll have more luck with injuries than Kleberson had here.

Looked class during the baby Euros, scored a couple of screamers in pre-season and pretty much has all the tools to become a quality player for Manchester United. Again the deal is back-loaded, so if he's a bust we haven't actually had to pay out £17 million. Will probably be used as a sub for most of this season, with Giggs and Ronaldo holding down the starting spots on the wings.

The departures:
Kieran Richardson
Sunderland paid how much? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Giuseppe Rossi
He scored 9 goals in 19 games playing for a shit team in the hardest league in the world to score goals in. He should have been kept and used in a squad rotation system with the other strikers. Hell, if we were going to sell a striker I'd have shown Saha the door well before Rossi.

The other item to be resolved is the Tevez affair. I don't think anyone doubts that he will eventually sign for United, and hopefully Joorabchian, West Ham and the Premier League can come to some sort of arrangement today to sort the mess out. If not, it's off to the High Court on August 22nd, and hopefully it will all be sorted before deadline day.

As far as Heinze is concerned... he was a massive favourite with the fans at Old Trafford, everyone stood by him while he was out injured, and for him to turn round and demand to be allowed to join Liverpool is a joke. If he does end up at Anfield it will be the most despicable betrayal since David Gill accepted the Glazer's job offer.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, I reckon the team is definitely good enough to win the league, and if we add Tevez it could be frightening to watch us rip teams apart both at home and in Europe. Semi-finals in the CL is a minimum requirement this year, and the team certainly has the ability to win it, after all, after a shaky group stage United were 90 minutes away from the final last year before they imploded on Milan.
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Fixtures [14 Jun 2007|10:35am]

So the fixtures are out, and once again we're away to Chelsea in the last few weeks of the season. Sky have obviously been fiddling the fixture list again...

Bigger games are bold

Start at home to Reading, all fixtures under hereCollapse )
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The official thestretfordend POTY poll! [12 Jun 2007|01:51pm]

Poll #1001771 Player of the Year 06/07

So, who was Manchester United's player of the year last season?

Cristiano Ronaldo
Nemanja Vidic
Wayne Rooney
Edwin Van der Sar
Rio Ferdinand
Paul Scholes
Ryan Giggs
Michael Carrick
Patrice Evra
Other(state who in comments)
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They couldn't do it twice in a row... [04 Jun 2007|08:45pm]

Fresh from last year's excellent home kit, Nike have returned to form with this aberration.

EDIT: Pictures are back, ignore the watermark.

It hasn't officially been released yet, but I am reliably informed that this is what we'll be wearing next season.

1. No white trim, looks like a fucking Liverpool shirt.
2. That fucking ridiculous stripe down the back.
3. IT'S HORRIBLE. I thought the 2012 logo was going to be the worst thing I'd see today, but no, we get subjected to this terrible looking kit.

Somebody who works in the fashion industry (hint, hint) needs to publicise this travesty and force Nike to change the kit before the season starts.

On the plus side United are bringing out more modern "retro" kits and I picked up a 1985 FA Cup Final shirt (the only FA Cup Final I've ever been to, it was great, especially when Whiteside scored). Which I will be wearing quite happily next season, as I'll certainly not be forking out any money for that shitty shirt.
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Wonder if Carlos is making all the signings now? [30 May 2007|09:35pm]

Manchester United on verge of double signing


Have to say that from what I've seen on Setanta Nani is going to be a fantastic player, haven't really seen anything of Anderson, but any reports I've seen have been good.

I like this move. Though hopefully these two plus Hargreaves aren't the "3 major signings" we were promised.

Still reckon we need to sign Huntelaar. Magic player.

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Mourinho, are you listening... [09 May 2007|10:33am]

The wait is over. Three years of watching Arsenal and Chelsea lift our trophy has ended, and Manchester United are once again Premiership Champions.

And, no matter what Mourinho said on Sunday, the better team truly did win the league. He can point to his list of injuries around Christmas, but we can point to the last two months, when firstly we had no fit strikers, and then when they came back our entire defence went out injured.

In that time we only lost one league game, drew one and won all the rest. That is what champions do, and a big vote of thanks has to be given to all those players who came in at the end of the season and did such a brilliant job. Even Kieran Richardson.

Moments of the season? Well I'm cetain that tonight will be one. No matter what happens in the game, watching Chelsea clap us on to the pitch will be sweet. Ronaldo's winner against Fulham, O'Shea's winner at Anfield, Rio's goal against Liverpool at OT, 7-1 against Roma, Solskjaer's first goal in 3 years against Charlton early on in the season, Michael Carrick's run of scoring in four consecutive home games, Vidic's header against Benfica, Rooney's hat-trick at the Reebok, Saha's fantastic strike at the Estadio de Luz, Giggs' free-kick against Lille, Henrik Larsson in a red shirt, Chris Eagles' goal v Everton Van Der Sar saving Vassell's penalty, Leeds in general, and most importantly, winning the league in the council house.

Make no mistake about it, this is almost as sweet as 93 and 99, but the season isn't over yet. United still have the FA Cup Final to worry about, as well as the matter of sending West Ham down where they belong.

This community needs livening up, it was supposed to be a place for decent grown up conversation about United. I know we've spent most of the season with our jaws on the floor drooling at the fantastic football United have been playing, but help me out here...
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Treble '07? [11 Mar 2007|11:02pm]

Just a quick poll to see how much confidence we have here... so, what competitions do you believe we'll win this year?

Poll #944581 Treble '07?

Which of the three trophies are heading to Old Trafford? (Select all that apply... obviously.)

FA Cup
Champions League
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Fucking hell... [07 Mar 2007|08:51pm]

As someone may have said once, the only way we're getting a penalty is if someone chops down one of the players with a chainsaw.
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[07 Jan 2007|03:17pm]

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LOL, etc. [31 Dec 2006|01:46pm]

Back in August, on a forum, I posted saying "I do believe Liverpool will be a bigger threat to us this season."

A Liverpool fan replied with:

"Threat to you? I doubt it as you'll be languishing aroung 5th/6th place and we will be challenging for the title.

We are a threat to Chelsea and Arsenal."

I'd just like to say... ha ha ha.

That is all.
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[12 Dec 2006|04:55pm]

So we're almost at the half-way point of the season, United have an 8 (possibly 5) point lead at the top of the table, we've just battered City without actually playing anywhere near as well as we have all season and Henrik Larsson's on his way for 10 weeks just to try and put us out of sight of Chelsea.

All well and good, but titles are not won and lost before Christmas, United need to finish the job and as has been shown on occasion our squad players are not good enough to fill in if more than one of the regulars is out for any length of time. United need to spend some of Glazer's alleged transfer fund in January to ensure that they win the title. While Henrik Larsson will be great entertainment until March, and will hopefully score a few goals, we need another striker in January. Actually, we needed another striker in the summer, as anyone worth signing will be unavailable for the Champions' League having already played in Europe this season. United also need another midfielder, the starting 4 are playing well, but Scholes and Giggs won't make it through the rest of the season without needing a break, and Fletcher and O'Shea just won't cut it as their replacements. Again it will be tricky finding someone with the desired quality who is not cup-tied, but United need to do it.

To be honest there are three players I'd love to see arrive at United in January. None of them would be able to play in Europe, but they would make a huge contribution towards winning the league. Firstly Huntelaar at Ajax, anyone who has Setanta will tell you exactly how good he has been this season, and he is drawing the inevitable comparisons with Van Basten and Van Nistelrooy. Secondly, Owen Hargreaves, though I just can't see Bayern letting him go. It shows how highly he is rated in Germany that the main reason given for Munich's poor form this year is not Ballack's departure, but Hargreaves' injury. Finally United need a true replacement for Giggs. Either someone who can play on the left, or a right sided player, and move Ronaldo to the left. The obvious choice is Aaron Lennon, but having already given Spuds £14million+ for Carrick they would probably want twice that for one of the most exciting talents English football has produced in years.

If United truly had a £25million transfer kitty in the summer, and also received £10million for RVN and £12million for John Obi Mikel (and how shit has he been at Chelsea?), they should still have £32million or so to spend in January. Surely enough to land at least two of those players, if not all three, and I would love to at least see Huntelaar in a red shirt before the end of January.

Last year United made two excellent signings in January, even if some of us were sceptical at the time, hopefully they can do the same this year and head on to the League title that the attacking football that has been played so far deserves.
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